How Cute Or Sexy Are You? QUIZ ✔ (PERSONALITY TEST)

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How cute are you? How sexy are you? Find out by taking this quick 10 question quiz!!

10 – 16 points
There’s just something about your pretty face that people fall in love with. You are a sweet person with a warm heart, and that shows in your soft features.

17 – 24 points
There’s no denying it, you are gorgeous! You don’t need to even try to look good, you’re a natural beauty, and you shine inside and out.

25 – 32 points
You are adorable and everyone knows it. You have a youthful spirit, and although you seem shy you have lots of positive energy inside you.

33 – 40 points
Woah, you’re too hot to handle! You are completely comfortable in your own skin, and there’s something mysterious about you that people fall in love with.

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