Hot News, Cute Boy SweetPea Big Hungry And So Cold – SweetPea Want To Eat Mango But Popeye Not Share

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Small Animal Vet – Lucky Baby Monkey Gets Best Treatment By Good Vet. But she misses her mom so much and she really want to go back to see her mom. I hope we keep her a few days more we will send her to her mother back. Baby Health Care – Lori Feels Fresh And Could Walk Now But Still Miss Mom

Animal Health Care Daily – Lori’s Symptoms Today Gets More Better And Better. Today I am nearly cry when i was filming someone did something really bad to Lori and Amari family. Now Amari crying all the time because she did not where is Lori but actually we bring her to see the doctor at home. We hope Lori will be better soon and we will feed her carefully with our care. Now we rescued her very carefully . We could not tell you all about real story or what happened to her but we just told you that someone try to kill her. You will know clearly what happened to her when you watch video inside.…

Baby health care is the best centre for animal health if we can make it for treat monkeys when they get sick. Sick monkey kid looks better and better now after we take care her and injection. Lori Looks Better But Can Not Move – Lori Crying Very Loudly For Mom This Morning

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26 comments on “Hot News, Cute Boy SweetPea Big Hungry And So Cold – SweetPea Want To Eat Mango But Popeye Not Share

  1. Polly sure is a hungry girl. You can tell she’s part of that family. And, how can Sweet Pea be cold when it’s 79 degrees there?

  2. Spoiled little brat! Some people may think I am heartless. I am a huge animal lover, volunteer as well as rescue! I love animals. This one I cant stand. I'll admit, if it came down to it, I could never harm him, but honestly, I wouldn't bat an eye if he were to get a severe beating! Those of you who are new here go back to videos of him and watch a lot of them, I think it might help to understand why so many of us seem so uncaring! He was and still is the most spoiled demanding bully brat you've ever seen! With a set of lungs that would wake the dead and his mom gave into his demands every single time with the exception of once maybe! We all grew to despise him and for me nothing can make up for it, ever! He is still the same conniving, thieving, manipulating, bullying, gluttonous, selfish, greedy, lazy piece of shit with no regard for heirachy or his alphas or even his mother. This baby was something we all felt would be payback , time will tell. We all want to see him pay for all the horrible things he has done. I keep waiting but dont think it will happen!

  3. Yes, Popeye……turn that baby upside-down. Save some for your brother!
    Everyone wonders why Polly gets kidnapped? You will see this baby walking alone a lot. Wide open.
    Popeye DID share with her precious Pea. He got the mango, now didn't he? She has 2 infants to take care of now.

  4. Like her fat brother sweet pea most lightly Polly will be sucking Popeyes nipples until she gives birth again another bully in the making ha ha ha.

  5. An if sweetshit was still nursing which he isnt lol what makes ppl think he gives a if that fatty was still nursing he would honk an cry an get his nasty hands grouping pe. I could tell by her teets he wasnt. He would suck to the point they turned almost black at the tips. That's when I knew he was weaned.. but I could be wrong less I see a video im.staying with my pe reminds me of those ppl of walmart.the ones braless an have shit stains on their pants.

  6. The clip I watched was totally opposite of the title. Sweet P did not look cold and it looked to me like she dropped the fruit so he can have it

  7. sweetpea would rather lick mango peeling than go look for food. he is truly worthless. big sorry ass stupid monkey. he need to go play and scream because he see his shadow. big wussy.

  8. Nobody said nothing about her leaving Polly in front of Sasha and turning her back. Sasha only kidnapped Polly three times, so far!

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